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Ubud food festival returns

February 3, 2017 | About Bali, Bali property, Blog

Ubud food festival returns – The festival will be open on May 12-14, 2017 in Ubud district , Gianyar regency, Bali province, Indonesia. Ubud food festival ( UFF ) took theme “Every Flavor is a Story” reflecting the rich cultural stories behind the many culinary traditions found across the Indonesian district .  When UFF was held at 2016, in the same festival , attracted some 8,000 international foods. 

Ubud food festival returns

Ubud food festival returns Source :

Ubud food festival program : 

  1. Cooking Demonstrations
    Cooking Demonstrations are one hour demonstrations of a chef’s technical prowess and culinary passion, all dished up with a healthy dose of charm. There are five per day, across each of the three days of the Festival.
  2. Special Events
    With Ubud Food Festival bringing together some of the greatest culinary names from across the archipelago and beyond, sometimes the main program just isn’t enough! Join the biggest Chefs from our line-up as they put their best plate forward for your personal tasting pleasure.
  3. Workshop & masterclasses
    Want to learn from the hands of the culinary greats themselves? Don’t miss out on our Workshop and Cooking Masterclass sessions, your chance to take an intimate learning journey with the chefs and culinary artisans you admire.
  4. Free Events
    We know budgets are varied, so we’re dedicated to providing a huge range of free events, from our in-depth Food Forum series to night markets, film screenings, book launches and more. No need to buy a ticket, just bring yourself, and your appetite of course!

Across the Festival’s three-day program, members of the culinary industry and food lovers alike will unpack flavors, traditions and regional influences to deepen their understanding of not just what food tells us – but of the stories we tell through food.

Ubud food festival returns

Janet DeNeefe, the Founder and Director of the UFF explained: “Every flavor is a story” is a theme that celebrates Indonesia’s rich culinary heritage where every dish, recipe, and tradition has its own story with unique historical, geographical and cultural nuances. DeNeefe said that Indonesian food always shares the story of a journey starting from farmer’s plots and livestock owners to the enjoyment delivered to the dinner table. 

The Ubud Food Festival UFF united with some of Indonesia’s most celebrated chefs, international restaurateurs helping to shape the archipelago’s culinary landscape and food industry heavy-weights making their mark in Southeast Asia to experience Indonesia’s extraordinary cuisine. 

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