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South Bali road access planning

April 27, 2016 | Bali property, Blog

South Bali road access planningBali property news, Our government will not stop to build an Infrastructure, because Mr. President has promised . Badung government has planning to build bridge Sawangan-Niko, with budget IDR. 21 M . Next on, this bridge will be the center of outer ring road at south of Bali. The road access planning will connect Nusadua to Jimbaran on south outer ring. Just right on planning drawing bellow : 

South Bali road access planning

South Bali road access planning

Head of Department (Head) Highways and Irrigation Badung, Ida Bagus Surya Suamba, said the road will be as wide as 30 meters and along the edge of the beach, so some sections will be built with a floating construction to adjust the geographical conditions.

Badung regency government will complete all the drawing and document, as this is a serious plan, the Badung government will apply to central government ( Jakarta ) at 2017. The budgeting of South Bali road access planning is about IDR. 900 M .

South Bali road access planning

The Badung government will not allow to complete the budget plan, that’s way Badung will apply from APBN ( state budget ), APBD ( province budget ) and Badung budgeting. Chief of Badung government has reconciliation with Governor Bali Mr. Mangku pastika. 

Infrastructure development plan that is expected to be able to overcome a number of problems in Badung, especially parse the traffic jams which have become a serious problem there. The traffic jam always come on the Juni – July or December – January at the peak season of tourism visitors. I hope this will fix the problem not make a problem again.  As is known, the concentration area South Badung tourism Badung regency.

Based on Bali property prediction, the land price at south of Badung will be rice up again because of this planning. So this is time to Investors to invest their money  at south of Bali, maybe you can check this land for sale at Jimbaran.

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