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Land banking in Indonesia start on 2017

May 23, 2017 | Blog

Land banking in Indonesia start on 2017 – According to Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning (ATR) / Head of National Land Agency (BPN) , Sofyan Djalil Said ” The land banking in Indonesia will start operation on this year ( 2017 ) .

What is Land Banking in Indonesia

Land Bank is one of Institutions that established to promote revitalization (reviving) The environment of the property, especially for the realignment of ownership and reuse Housing and urban settlements, in addition to some development that leads to An industry / commercial as the application of the authority of the land bank .

Sofyan Djalil said ” Currently it is finalizing the draft Government Regulation (PP), As the legal standing of the institution. Next on, the land bank will be shaped like a Public Service Agency”

Land banking in Indonesia start on 2017

Land bank purpose Aims to ensure the availability of land for projects related to the public interest, to control the Land price in all Indonesia province including Bali.

Land Bank will manage abandoned state land or disputes. Later the land will be allocated for infrastructure development. But now land bank don’t have any data about Land use, Next on the institution will manage and zone land which is use for Industry zone, residential zone, Agrarian Zone, infrastructure zone, etc.

You may download the Government regulation ( pp ) Draft, here .

Land banking in Indonesia start on 2017

Land banking in Indonesia start on 2017 “Sofyan Djalil”

The Ministry of ATR / BPN through the Land Bank will focus on the availability of land at a controlled price for the development of Housing MBR and Rusunami whose development can involve state-owned enterprises, BUMD and private developers.

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