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Indonesia mortgage interest rates

July 24, 2015 | Bali property, Blog

Indonesia mortgage interest rates Will reduce from 20 percent. The following property and real estate news on Down payment Information mortgages will be lowered by 20 percent, and herewith Any Bank’s response which is located in Indonesia. The Government through the Bank Indonesia (BI) to apply the new rules, the rules of the Loan to Value (LTV) for mortgage (KPR) and apartment. Revised rules will be set forth in Bank Indonesia Regulation (PBI).

Indonesia mortgage interest rates

The Value of LTV for mortgages and conventional KPA increased 10 percent, while for syariah bank by 5 percent. That is, the Down payment conventional mortgage is 20 percent lighter than the previous 30 percent, to be the only 15 percent to Syariah Bank. PT Bank Central Asia Tbk. (BCA) comment regarding the BI policy. However, the Director of BCA Suwignyo Budiman rate, compared to raising the LTV, the company prefers to lower mortgage rates.

Indonesia mortgage interest rates

Bank Of Indonesia

Although there is a desire to lower mortgage rates, but has not been able to target Suwignyo when it will be realised. The decision to lower mortgage rates depend on the central bank lowered its benchmark interest rate. It’s not reducing the interest, it has not been reducing BI rate, we are depending on the cost of funds only., He said.

Suwignyo mention, this time from the total loan disbursed Rp 335.6 trillion at the end of March 2015, approximately Rp 50 trillion channelled to mortgages. “Mortgage our upper middle, then if BCA take tiny protested another, “said Suwignyo. In a note detikFinance, starting March 1, 2015, the Bank has lowered interest rates on mortgage (KPR) by 0.25% to 8,88persen.

Mortgage rate fixed for the tenor of 3 years will be lowered to 8.88%. Followed by 9.9% for 2 years so as to be 5 years. So we hope – anxiously to be realistic … he he he he. Let us hope the prayer down payment mortgages will drop 20 percent, and this will greatly help the middle class down. So, it is time to think about buying a property in Bali.

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