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How to looking a property in Bali

May 8, 2017 | Property Tips
How to looking a property in Bali

How to looking a property in Bali

Bali pro realty – How to looking a property in Bali . This is for first time home buyer, if you are looking a property in Bali, a site inspection to the location is a must.

Before that let’s talk about Home finding between online ( on pictures ) and In person ( facts ) :

  • Online : the property can look huge, it is depend on photographer hand. Photographer can make wide angel lens to make a room more wide.
    In person : More smaller than buyer expected.
  • Online : It is look like a new house, HDR image processing can make a home brand new.
    In person : What’s that smell , strong pet adores .
  • Online : It is look so peacefully ,  Home staging create a peaceful environment, but those item can distract you from others detail
    In person : Did i just hear a gunshot ? .. he he he. it is better to come to the site location.
  • Online : Good filling, the pictures rarely show flows in a property. It is all positive information appear .
    In person : Is there a farm goat on your neighborhoods ? …

How to looking a property in Bali

Based on all the different between online ( pictures ) and in person ( facts ) site , i am advise you to :

  1.  Don’t get to attached , until you visit the property as well.
    You may find as much as you can property listings online. search on google with Property in Bali keyword. After found some, you may contact the website to make an appointment.
  2. Find a good realtor in Bali . One of the best property agent in Bali of-course baliPROrealty, because i wrote this tips , ha ha ha ha
  3. Try to be Patient, impulse decision on real estate can cost major dollars and can make life altering effects.

I hope this property tips can make you more careful regarding property / real estate pictures display online. It is better you come / site inspection to the property location as well, or if you are not available, you can trust your realtors in Bali.

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