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How to check the authenticity of certificates

March 21, 2017 | Bali property, Property Tips

This is a must information – how to check the authenticity of certificates . Buying a property and invest on property in Bali is the best way to growth your money cash flow.  This is even you brought a property on the best location in Bali, the growing area can make your property price is getting up and up. 

But decided to buy a land or property in Bali must be careful and wise. Do Not to turn out a land called certified property rights ( S H M ) turns out to be counterfeit or not genuine certificate. Therefore, it is important to know how to distinguish between what is genuine and imitation certificates. 

How to check the authenticity of certificates

  1. Come and visit BPN ( Badan Pertanahan Nasional ) office. If you are on Denpasar you may come to here on google maps : 
    It will be different when your property are on others regency in Bali. If you are foreigners, you may ask your nominee.  Based on clause 34 PP No. 24 tahun 1997, that every interested person has the right to know the physical data and juridical data stored in the map registration, listing land, measurement certificate and the land book.
  2. The documents you need to bring : – The Certificate, your ID card , Application latter, power of attorney letter if you ask someone to apply.
  3. But if you do not have time to come directly to the office of BPN, Than you may ask to notary office or PPAT . This is the simple way to check the authenticity of certificates.
  4. The BPN office normally charge less than IDR. 100.000 to check your certificate originally. The process of certificate check will take some days, you have to be patient.
How to check the authenticity of certificates

How to check the authenticity of certificates

It is better to check your certificate document legal, otherwise you got the problem next on the future. in others case there will be possible to found double certificate, this is mean one property own by two person.

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