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How property legal process in Bali

April 7, 2017 | Property Tips

Bali property Tips on How property legal process in Bali. Bali is one of the Indonesia province, any Indonesia law will follow by Bali as a province.

Jokowi ( Indonesia President) has release Government PP No. 103 Year 2015 . You may check the rules, it is about foreigners ownership in Indonesia.

Bali is one of the best destination in all around the world, many individuals or Company want to invest and expanse their property to Bali. 

How property legal process in Bali

How property legal process in Bali

How property legal process in Bali

  1. Find the best property listings in Bali, Choose maybe three or five or event more if you have time to take look / site inspection to the property location.
  2. Find a property agent in Bali that can afford your inquiry as well. Choose trusted agent not a branded agent, he he he . Let’s the property agent lead you to the property location.
  3. Consider which one is better to owning a property in Bali, based on your budget and location. or you may do a house check list first.
  4. Ask the agent to make an appointment between you and the property owner, and ask the owner to bring the authenticate legal documents. Where to meet ? … Meeting at Notary Office is a must.
  5. Ask the notary office to check all the property legal documents, you may Sign all the Deed of sale & purchase ( Property transfer process ), with condition :
    • The process will move on if all the property legal documents clear
    • Only Transfer the money to Notary escrow bank, and notary will release to the property owner based on term of payment.
  6. After item number 5 done, next on you only wait a call from notary office.

Buy a property in Bali need to carefully , do not in hurry. Read also my article How to choose the right property in Bali

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