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How pool maintenance in Bali

April 6, 2017 | Property Tips

Bali property tips regarding How pool maintenance in Bali . This is based on my experience to maintenance a swimming pool on palm Bali villa. example : you own a private villa in Bali and confuse to maintenance your pool ( 12 meter x 5 meter ) with out cost any pool workman.  Pool workman may cost you around IDR. 500.000;- until IDR. 1.000.000 monthly for pool maintenance.

How pool maintenance in Bali

How pool maintenance in Bali

How pool maintenance in Bali

before we go to the pool maintenance in Bali better you know about pool machine system :

Above video show you the skimmer filter machine with hayward 2 PK . all the outlet pipe goes to filter and withdrawn by machine and goes to inlet pipe to the pool.

If you pool are untreated for many months, this video bellow can do as a magic pool maintenance :

that’s above how to purify water murky swimming pool.

Herewith how to maintenance your pool monthly :

  1. Use Algaecidae to eliminate dirty algae on your swimming pool, better fill in the morning every week.
  2. Clean on the surface of the pool water with pool cleaner on the image :

    pool cleaner on surface

    pool cleaner on surface

  3. Use Chlorine to purify pool water, fill it about twice a week. Normally for one pool is use 1,0 until 3,0 ppm of Chlorine.
  4. Buy a PH checker at pool Shop in Kerobokan / Sanur area. Check the PH of your water content. Normally the PH is around 7,2 until 7,6
  5. If the Acid of the pool water more than 120 ppm better you add the Baking soda to balance it.
  6. To save you power energy better you turn on the pool machine 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night every day. This is to circulate the pool water become a better and clean water pool treatment.

Based on my experience to maintenance the pool property in Bali, i spend around IDR. 200.000 per month to buy the material only.

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