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How Balinese Pray in Culture and Traditions

May 18, 2017 | About Bali
How Balinese Pray in Culture and Traditions

Balinese Offering

This is little bit information about How Balinese Pray in Culture and Traditions . To invest on property in Bali , you need to know about the people .

Balinese peoples always offering everyday, Offering thanks-full to the Gods on the Temple .  Each Balinese Community has a small temple, the biggest temple in Bali is Besakih.

Besakih was located at Karangasem Regency, Bali province – Indonesia. Offering and pray is mean the manifest of

, which is including :

People’s to God relationship

People’s to People’s relationship

People’s to Nature ( surrounding ) Relationship

How Balinese Pray in Culture and Traditions

That’s all above about Balinese Culture and traditions . It is derived from the Balinese spiritualism and beliefs, which promotes harmony among fellow human beings through communal cooperation and promoting compassion .

Harmony towards God, manifested in numerous rituals and offerings to appease deities; and harmony with their environment,

which strife to conserve the nature and promote the sustainability and balance of the environment.

Tri Hita Karana is credited for the island’s prosperity as a whole, its relatively stable record of development, environmental practices, and the overall quality of life for its residents . Environment and Nature is save by Balinese peoples



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