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Government regulation PP No. 103 – 2015

March 20, 2016 | Bali property, Blog

Government regulation PP No. 103 – 2015 . This is new regulation about foreigners ownership regarding home and property at Indonesia. Finally, foreigners can have a property in Bali – Indonesia.  The polemics regarding the legal ownership of a house or dwelling by strangers ( foreigners )  seem to be terminated.  President Joko Widodo has signed Government Regulation PP. ( peraturan pemerintah )  No. 103 – 2015 about Home Ownership Housing or Residential by Foreigners Domiciled in Indonesia. 

  PP number 103 / 2015 : Dwelling house ( real estate / Property ) by foreigners that domiciled in Indonesia. Herewith the global resume about the regulation.

Consideration :



Government regulation PP No. 103 – 2015

Formulate and decide :

Clause 1 : Stranger is not Indonesian citizen , stranger stay / domiciled in Indonesia, whose existence benefit , do business , work or invest in Indonesia.  About object owning, property and real estate in Indonesia, a house, land kavling and an Apartment.

Clause 2 : Stranger / foreigners can own property / real estate in Indonesia ( including Bali ) . a foreigner that can own property is a foreigner with holder permit stay at Indonesia. The property can be inheritable if the foreigners died. 

Clause 3 : The Indonesian citizen whom married with foreigner, can own land on certificate same right as an Indonesian citizen. 

Clause 4 : The foreigners can own a property in Indonesia on the Right use ( hak pakai )

Clause 5 : same above (detailing )

Clause 6 : About Right to use ( hak pakai ) time : At the beginning can allow to 30 years, phase II can be extend to 20 years, phase III can extend to 30 years.

Clause 7 : same above ( detailing ) 

Clause 8 : Foreigners can owning the property as above as long as they has staying permit in Indonesia.

Clause 9 : The foreigners name and time to use ( clause 7 )  has to write on Certificate papers

Clause 10 : about foreigners heir ( ahli waris )

Clause 11 : Procedures for discharge, administration and transfer of property rights stipulated in the ministerial decision..

For more detail regarding this Government regulation PP No. 103 – 2015  you can download here at PP_Nomor_103_Tahun_2015 ttg pemilikan rumah tempat tinggal atau hunian oleh orang asing yang berkedudukan di Indonesia

Government regulation PP No. 103 - 2015

Government regulation PP No. 103 – 2015


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