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Floating Airport planning Singaraja Bali

May 27, 2016 | Bali property, Blog

Floating Airport planning Singaraja BaliBali property news, regarding Airport planning At Singaraja – Bali. The airport planning location will be at Kubutambahan, Buleleng Bali. The airport will be planning on 1.400 hectare of the land, and has 7 meter runway and will be floating above the sea. The airport planning at Singaraja already plan since 2013, but not realize yet. Be patient please … he he he. Herewith kubutambahan on the google maps : 

Governor Bali Made Mangku pastika meet with Airport cinesis Canada at governor office, said that the Airport at Singaraja will use Green airport, this is mean all the energy power use from sea wave and sunlight.

Floating Airport planning Singaraja Bali

Made mangku-pastika said The airport planning at singaraja will do a Reclamation , based on consultant of airport cinesis Canada the airport will be build on land and sea. The airport need 1.400 Ha of the land size, and 264 Ha will do as a reclamation the rest will be built floating on the sea.

From 1.400 Ha land size , the airport planning will be use 200 Ha for Airport accommodation such us for Hotel , tourist accommodation , trade and restaurant. and about the main airport planning will be build such us the runway airport, Power plan, Terminal, and marina cruise. 

The floating airport planning singaraja Bali will use Green airport concept, all the electricity and power plan will be use from sea wave, solar cell, Geothermal, all the power plan will give 35 Mega watt of the electricity power.  The Singaraja Airport will be more biggest than NguraRai airport at Kuta, this will be triple time, the capacity is about 2.700.000 people per day.

Floating Airport planning Singaraja Bali

Floating Airport planning Singaraja Bali

Margono from PT. AmerthaNusantara Energy said that the airport planning at singaraja will cost about IDR. 50 Trillion , and take from Korean company based on provision funds system Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) over 35 years.

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