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First time Home buyers mistakes

May 4, 2017 | Property Tips
First time Home buyers mistakes

First time Home buyers mistakes

This is must you avoided First time Home buyers mistakes . If you want to invest your money on property and real estate in Bali for the first time, this is our advise for you .

The after sale home value is important for your investment. Location is the most important things , location, location, and location.

If you are looking to buy a house in Bali, and want to avoid potential home buyers pitfalls , This is for you :

First time Home buyers mistakes

  1. Falling in love with house
    This matter you need to avoided. If the property agent know you are falling in love , it is difficult to get the price down, they know it. Just pretend you not like the house / the property.
  2. Skipping the house inspection
    This phase is a must, you have to do a site inspection to the real estate as well. Normally property agent will ask Site inspection for buyers.
  3. Hidden cost of home buying
    Forgetting about the hidden cost of home buying will cost you more than your budget. ask the Realtor to give you Pre-purchasing total cost estimate.
  4. Verbal Agreement
    Trusting a verbal agreement for home buying is big mistake. Everything has to be signed or just a love promise, he he he
  5. Blindly following your realtor’s advise
    Make sure that you are the only one to buy the house.
  6. Home resale Value
    Not considering home resale value, location is the most item to home buyer to choose the right property . How to increase our home value here, If you move one day you get your investment return and growth up .
  7. Loan mortgage
    Not getting a pre-approve of home loan, it is like buy a ticket before you go to the Tribune . Or like renting a house without any money on pocket . And not budgeting your monthly mortgage payment is a mistakes.
  8. House market Trend
    You have to know about house market trend on each area, ask the internet or ask google about house market trend in Bali.
  9. Realtor’s knowledge 
    Not taking advantages of any programs or grant for first time home buyer, in this case your realtor’s experience is the most key factors here.
  10.  Don’t think fast
    Most of home buyers Wait and see, when they already negotiation and give the best price to the property owner. If the price is already down low, under the market, you no need to “wait and see”, otherwise the property will taken with others home buyer.

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