Broker property bali

How to choose Broker property Bali ? To choose the right property broker in Bali is little bit difficult. To many property broker in Bali, and their company make a great compete on each others. Unfair competition made little chaotic property sales.

Broker property bali

Herewith little bit information regarding how to choose the right property broker in Bali :

  1. Find a property broker in Bali on Google, start searching and find on Internet as well. Search their website, find their web reputation on expat forum or other Internet forum.
  2. Do an interview by email, do not sign any document for any fees, when they ( property agent ) come to your property. Did you know there are hidden chapters are not written in the document ? . so i suggest you not to sign any document. Ask the property agent fee, ask how long they will publish your property on website, just do little bit interview by email.
  3. Send your property document, description, detail and image to at lease 5 property agent email.
  4. Quick respond email reply is a must. collect all their contact information : PIN BB,  What’s up, LINE, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Check their respond and how long they will reply to your inquiry .
  5. Come to their office, if the broker property did not has an office not a big problem.
  6. Do not Asking Selling Price, you make your own property selling price.
  7. The last one, ask the property agent where they put your property listing on their website, when you are already found please do not hesitate to Share it on your Facebook, twitter or other social media.

Well, i think the seven item above can be your reference to choose the right broker property Bali.

Broker property bali
Broker property bali
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