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Bali real estate agents daily habits

May 7, 2017 | Property Tips
Bali real estate agents daily habits

Bali real estate agents daily habits

What you need to know about Bali real estate agents daily habits ? . Become a property agent in Bali is not easy, it’s took a time .

On my last article you can read about property agent tips . Today i want to type about property agents daily habits and must do .

Bali real estate agents daily habits

Taken from Dustin Brohm on pinterest, he wrote about Daily habits of 8 top real estate agents :

  1. Plan tomorrow
    Take a few minutes the night before to plan your top priorities for the next day . Do that things first ….
  2.  Invest on Website / Blog
    Bill Gessett said ” you need to spend money to make money ” … Nice , you need to invest your little bit money to make a small blog. The cost is not more than USD. 45 / month .
  3. Write valuable blog content
    When you already own a blog / website , it is time to write a valuable content inside. You can put your property listings also, write about property news, etc.
  4. Networking
    Some property agents in USA, getting a new clients by hosting a party on their office. Do it one a year, invite your past clients, neighbors, friends, to bring a guest or two with them.
  5. Give to Get more
    Simple word ” Give ” is the most powerful word to the others people to share your kindest . The more you give , the more you will get … This is already Nature Rules .
  6. Clients need first
    Put clients need at the beginning, anythings that can help my clients will put on top of my list.
  7. Social media
    Understand the important of social media since Smartphone publish. Share your blog articles on Social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, path , linked, google+ , etc. Connect your profile to real estate Facebook group or property Community on google plus
  8. Quick respond
    Quick respond is a must, … you must understand about clients times limit.
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