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October 16, 2015 | Bali property, Blog

Great Bali property news – Investment property in Bali, constantly excited tend to flat. Indonesia Crisis and world crisis not really impact to island of the god.  Anxiety about the impact of the world financial crisis was not as feared. Policy of local governments (LGs) always provides an opportunity for investors to invest in the property sector. The development of some regions into a new tourist area, by itself require support facilities for tourists, one of which property such as hotels, villas, restaurants and housing.

Bali property news

Badung regency Government office which has been the area known as the attraction beach, currently cooking the countryside to be a tourist village. Seven villages have been established for fixed and transformed to be able to anesthetize tourists with its natural beauty possessed. Seventh village in Badung regency which is expected to attract tourists, among others, the village Petang, Munggu, Bongkasa, Sangeh, Mengwi, Kapal and Baha.

Head of Disparda Tourism Badung, AA Raka Yudha explained, regent and ranks seventh assess the potential of this village is able to add to pot PAD Badung. This tourist village development project by Raka Yudha, will not alter the structure and condition of the village also retains spatial existing countryside. Raka believed the development of this program, compassion tripping obstacles, one of which is the need for tourist accommodation. When utilizing housing residents as tourist facilities it requires the capacity of local village communities, such as the ethics . Beside rapprochement, management, culture and behavior of people not familiar with and understand the meaning of a tourist village.

Bali property news

Bali property news

Bali property news on Seven villages worthy transformed into a tourist village with its potential is Sangeh the monkey forest, evening with the potential for ecotourism. While Bongkasa which has a great Ayung river will be developed for rafting or white water rafting and evening having Sada temple and Tipat War. While the village has a sale value Mengwi attractions Taman Ayun also handicrafts, Munggu with Tradition Mekotekan or Bamboo war and Village Baha is rice-field scenery. It is certain, the appeal of the seven villages is not only able to attract tourists but also the target investors to be get a capital in the tourism accommodation sector.

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