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Bali property Charity

April 4, 2017 | Blog

Bali PRO realty .com as a property agent in Bali will commit on Bali property Charity . As a property and real estate services provider based on Website, our team will invite all the broker in Bali to join our Charity Community. Udayana University Study and Watching the settlement houses in Denpasar city, there were 41 point of slums. The settlement houses need to be reorganize and neatly arranged. Beside that, the population need to be support and donate as well.

Bali property Charity

Bali as TOP destination in the world need to be special attention, the government and private LSM and also the people has to be support Bali as a better place for all people who live in Bali.

Bali property charity

Foto sources : Bali property charity

Short term Charity

The Bali pro realty team will donate to any people who live below the poverty line.

Long term Charity

The Bali pro realty has a dream to support FREE houses for people who live below the poverty line. BaliPROrealty team want to make a better place , a human place to stay, it will be impact to people productivity as well.

Bali pro realty team can not do the charity alone, we need you as a social human, No matter how small your donation, it will be useful for others people who need it. If you CARE about Bali property charity, please fill form bellow : 

After donate for our confirmation, please send SMS to +6281 797 081 03

All donation that we collect , we’ll do very transparency and accountable meters. That’s above the important things to confirmation your donation, so we has the data and we are responsibility for any sen of money.

People who Donate : 

  1. Mr. ….
  2. Mr. ….
  3. Mrs. ….

Donate purpose :  ( we’ll do at December every year )

  1. The place that we donate to .
  2. ….

Bali property Charity Documentation : ( the photo’s bellow )


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