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Bali officially launched eco-tourism program

May 2, 2016 | About Bali, Bali property, Blog

Bali officially launched eco-tourism program – Bali property news, finally Bali launched Eco-Tourism program at Nyambu Village, Kediri subdistrict of Tabanan regency. Packet Nyambu Village Eco-tourism was developed 18 month between Tabanan City government with PT. Langgeng Kreasi Jaya Prima ( Drinking Company from British council ) .

Bali officially launched eco-tourism program

Eco-Tourism present a Natural village panorama and Nyambu village culture. Nyambu village has 380 Hectare , 60 percent of Rice field and protect 22 water resources. The company director ( British council campany ) Sally Goggin said ” Eco-Tourism was developed by Indonesian government with British government to improve continuous tourism , to make village people manage their village potential and to rise up village economic. 

Herewith Nyambu Village maps, taken from google maps : 

Before Eco-tourism lunched, the people on village has given various training activities will take place to strengthen the villages social tourism enterprises , following as community-based social enterprise management, financial management system, a course on English for tourism and training in marketing. 

Bali officially launched eco-tourism program

Bali officially launched eco-tourism program

The Eco-Tourism activities will be managed by the residents themselves in order to make contribute to the empowerment of the villagers at Nyambu village and provide growth economic and social benefits. “People of Nyambu have great potential and talent. It is an opportunity for them to perform,” said Head of Tabanan regency Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti. The Eco-tourism package system make the local community involved in mapping and planning the tourism program

Bali launched Eco-tourism sources : Antara news

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