Australian real estate market is softening

Australian real estate market is softening – Australian people are number one visitors as a foreigners come to Bali. Australian can visit Bali 5 times for one year , or even more. Survey responses around housing shaped as a particularly important aspect of the Aug survey. The ‘time to buy a dwelling’ sub-index fell heavily in Jul (–15.4 percent ), pointing to a potential break-out from the 105-120 range that had prevailed since early 2014. The Aug update showed a decent 8.2 percent rebound but at 102.6 the index continues to show a material weakening in buyer sentiment.

Australian real estate market is softening 1
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Australian real estate market is softening

Market-wide data to May already has national turnover trending lower at a 2-4 percent annual pace. The Jul-Aug readings on buyer sentiment suggests falls will accelerate to a 10 percent + annual pace by year end. Note that the time to buy a dwelling index is typically seen as a gauge of buyer sentiment for owner occupiers rather than investors. The latter has been the driving force for housing market growth since mid-2014. The soft picture on buyer sentiment and turnover stands in stark contrast to very strong auction activity. Indeed clearance rates in 2015 have on average been 8 ppts higher than in 2014. While not unprecedented, such a large divergence between turnover and auction results is unusual. Note that auctions only cover about 10-15% of total sales and are heavily skewed to the Sydney and Melbourne markets.

Australian real estate market is softening
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The Westpac-Melbourne Institute Consumer House Price Expectations Index fell 5.6 percent in Aug to 137.7, from 145.8 in Jul. The Index is down 10.3 percent from its highs a year ago but still well above its long run average of 126.

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Dwelling price growth has picked up again in recent months. Our composite based on all available measures shows annual growth in dwelling prices at just under 10 percent nationally in Aug, with gains tracking an 11-12 percent annual pace over the last 6 months. Performances continue to vary enormously with growth in the high teens in Sydney, but prices fl at in Brisbane and slipping lower in Perth. Not surprisingly, consumers in NSW are more bullish on house prices than their peers in Vic and Old. Consumers in WA have turned outright bearish on prices with those expecting further falls (45 percent ) now heavily outweighing those expecting prices to rise (24.5 percent).

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Digging further into the detail, the degree of price optimism looks restrained in NSW and Vic. Although the proportion of consumers in these states expecting 10 percent + growth has lifted in 2015, it remains well below the 25-30 percent reads in 2010. Meanwhile the degree of price pessimism in WA is very high with the proportion expecting price declines well above GFC peaks.

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