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10 items you must ask before buy house in Bali

May 13, 2017 | Property Tips
10 items you must ask before buy house in Bali

10 items you must ask before buy house in Bali

10 items you must ask before buy house in Bali – Buy or invest in real estate need a careful ways to own it . When you buy a house , sometime you will cost high after signature the purchase .

I just assume that you have unlimited budget … he he he and the legal documents is clear …

10 items you must ask before buy house in Bali

  1. Door and windows need to be replaced  ?
    Check door and windows close properly or not.. Change door and windows frames will cost your about 10 percent from property price. Are the door and windows Drafty ? …
  2. Is there any old high trees on your Garden ?
    Check the position and quality of Trees on your garden or outside of the house. Is there any possibility to fall down into the house. Can you clean leaf with your own.
  3. Is there any pests that you seen ?
    Do you see any sings of ants , roaches, mice, and others insect or pests ? … Careful, if you seen it and the house is fully woody decor ( doors and windows, kitchen set ) which is all the material from wood can be eaten by pests or termite .
  4. Neighborhood sidewalks ?
    Check the sidewalks, careful if you have kids plays outdoor, is there a place for them to play a bicycle without hit by car.
  5. Is the house out dated ?
    How much work need to improve the house. can you do by your self, or how much if you as handyman to repair all the things.
  6. Does you smells any weird things on the property ?
    Check is there any weird smells , about pets smells or others smells … Do you smells strong food odors ? be wary about the smells, if the smell come from pipe it will cost you high to repair all the inside pipe.
  7. Floods Free ?
    Check the property contour , check the site levels, is the property around you more high or lowest … When the property position on lowest level, careful about floods when it is rainy season .
  8. What do the car look like on neighborhood ?
    Do you see broken down cars or do the car look like they are well cared for ? …  look the quality of the car not the brands. This is to sure in the future your car not like the car’s neighborhood because of climate or  others .
  9. Check your neighbors hospitality ?
    This things is a must, check your neighbors, come and visit them. are your neighbors polite ? i am wary if your neighborhoods are drugs ..
  10. How much are utilities monthly ?
    Ask to the property owner, how much monthly cost to maintenance for the house.

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